The Chamber’s objectives and Powers

The Chamber is a non-profit utility organisation, with legal entity and financial and administrative independence. It shall have the competence to own and dispose of movable and immovable properties. It can sue and be sued. The Chamber may delegate any person that it appoints as its representative in judicial proceedings.
The Chamber’s main headquarters shall be located in Calicut. It may establish branches or offices in the state, and it may also establish offices or trading centres abroad, provided that the decisions and by-laws to be issued by the Chamber board in this regard shall determine the objectives of the branches, offices, or centres, their functions and organisational level.

The Chamber may participate in setting up joint chambers, provided that the agreements to be concluded for establishing such joint chambers shall determine the objectives and powers thereof

The Chamber shall endeavor to achieve the following goals. 1. Looking after the commercial, industrial, agricultural interests and other matters connected with economic and professional activities and related services, and co-operating with the competent government authorities, to organize and develop these activities so as to attain economic and social development for the community.

2. Looking after the interests of the members of the chamber, providing them with the services they need to carry out their activities and commercial transactions, protecting their rights and surveying their opinions and presenting them to the departments concerned, and co-operating with the competent authorities to solve their problems.

3. Encouraging co-operation between the members of the chamber and strengthening their mutual relations and their links with government establishments, business and professional organizations operating in the various economic sectors.

4. Co-operating with the ministries, government departments and establishments, and with local, regional and international chambers of commerce, associations, organizations and bodies in order to coordinate actions regarding common economic, technical, and administrative matters, and to exchange expertise with regard to the Chamber’s endeavors to carry out its functions and achieve its aims.

5. Undertaking to consolidate the state's economic position and to highlight its role as an international commercial and business center and to organize the functions and programmed required to promote the states's economy, and its commercial establishments, both internally and externally.