" To ensure a healthy, prosperous and secure environment for business in the future, Calicut Chamber of commerce and Industry recognizes that we have to build responsible businesses today. Such businesses succeed in reducing costs and enhancing efficiency, while attracting and retaining top staff and customers, and are recognized as valuable members of the communities in which they operate. ”

As the facilitator between businessmen and government, Calicut Chamber is well placed to encourage change which provides economic, social and environmental benefits beyond the boundaries.We do this by encouraging the businessmen through awards.We are committed to do such efforts knowing that it is vital to our objectives of creating a favourable business environment, supporting the development of business, and promoting Calicut as a business hub.

The Chamber is committed to provide the highest quality of service in the most professional manner to its members and the community that it aims to serve. The Chamber acts, advocates and liaises promptly and efficiently with the Government, other agencies, organizations and the society at large to promote the cause of its members. Excellence, perfection and satisfaction in all our dealings, aimed at serving our members and the furtherance of the aspirations of the business community in Calicut is our motto.